This is the number of days since 4 July 1776 to 6 January 2021… the US Republic lasted less than 90,000 days.  It’s not a dramatic statement, simply a truthful one.  With all of the federal government officially controlled by the one party across the board and rino’s occupying the rest, and with the outward and unhidden lengths of election fraud implemented to make it so – there is officially no mechanism for redress of grievances.  America, as founded, has perished in eighty-nine thousand, three-hundred and five days.

The age of aquarius began on 21 December 2020 and hell has been awaiting for this time for more than a wee-bit.  In fact, the 5th Dimension sang about it in the 1969.  So what does it all mean then?

Nothing good.  Although… on the other side of all this, God in Christ will return and judge and renew.  Now is the time to repent of your rebellion before a Holy God and your Creator, and receive the gift of Redemption in Christ Who died on a horrible Cross for your sins against God.  Folks, the shot across the bow has been made and the next shot will hit squarely broadside.  It will be too late to respond by then.

Yes… it is that desperate a time now.  There is nothing to stop the unbridled wickedness that is now forming and you’re seeing it if you look around you.  Don’t ignore it and think it’s all a phase… you know in your heart-of-hearts that there is something menacingly different about all this control and propaganda.

You only get somewhere around 24-25 thousand days on average to live on the earth, so make sure you’re ready for eternity before that final moment.  There IS an eternity, by the way.  And you know that intuitively as well.  The only way to an eternal life is The Way… Jesus Christ.  Eternal death is also a choice.  Choose Life.