The need to numb is strong.  How is courage to manifest in the midst of trials if all you want to do is treat them like a surgery and be anesthetized?  The numbing can take many forms, of course: alcohol, drugs, sex are just the cultural favorites.  Anger, hatred, gossip, slandering others, are the not so culturally favorite.

Confrontation is never a preferred moment in one’s life.

Yesterday evening, a friend’s mother was taken to the hospital.  Her health indicating a stroke.  She was whisked into the treatment area never to be seen again that night.  “Go wait in the parking lot, we’ll call you when the tests are finished,” said the intake person tediously.  “We’ve got your cell number.”

Late evening in winter in a parking lot waiting for a call that never came.  Out of the car, into the building to get information after two anxious hours of nothing.  “Oh, yes, she’s had this test and that test and we think it’s a stroke.  She’ll have to remain overnight.”  Even a pizza restaurant gives you a vibrating device that goes off when your double pepperoni is ready.  “No, you can’t see her.  You’re kidding right?  You are a disease-ridden carcass and can not say goodnight to your mother.  The nerve of even asking such a question.  Be off with you.”

Confrontation is never a preferred moment in one’s life.  But simply hearing of this abuse justified by the covid nonsense made me want to hit something.  “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” It says at Romans 12:19.  Okay… but still.  “I know you can fight, but it’s our wits that makes us men,” said Malcolm Wallace to his nephew William.  True enough… but still.

Wits, wisdom, skillful living, yet the need to numb it all is strong… so strong.

Does anyone see that this nonsense must stop?  This intolerable evil?

Have our soul’s really been washed  so thoroughly in the power of gold?  Washed to the extent that we will forever refuse to stand against the taking of our humanity for the sake of that wretched and filthy lucre?  “Walmart is still open, man.  Shut up.  Wear your mask and eat all the shit quietly, okay?”

Courage.  I’m thinking about that.  I no longer want to succumb to the weak… numbing… sleep.  Never did, actually, but kinda fell that way.  But, no longer… no longer.  What about you?