Behold a Pale Horse by Milton W. Cooper >> : PDF (that it might not be lost)

Great Link Resource >> : Various Subjects

5G Studies >>

5G Explanation Video >>

‘Rules for Changing a Limited Republic into a Monarchy’ >> : P. Freneau – 1792

Logical Fallacies Handlist >> : PDF

The Trial of Jesus >> : as considered by a Judge – Hon. Harry Fogle  :  What the legal landscape is and literally a first place to go to find out what’s going on fundamentally.

One Year Without Shoes by Tomas Dabašinskas : Simply the best articles I’ve ever read on what it’s actually like to be a barefooter… the site is no longer active.  This is a Wayback Machine archive.

Book – “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” (1938) >>  : PDF

“Healthy 4 Life” – Excellent Dietary Guidelines Pamphlet >>  : PDF

Debreuil – End Times Revealed >> : PDF >>

The Daily Crow >>