Natural vs. “vaccine” (genetic therapy) >>

Official adjustment of death count by Italian “CDC” reduced by 97.1% [summary] [Italian source transl.]

More experimental evidence of anomalies with mRNA jabs: “The Thing”>> and please take note that out of several vials tested, some only had saline (salt:placebo) solutions which is additional evidence that the Pareto principle may be in force to mitigate mass malignant effects, further proving this ain’t about health. [also… I am not in any way promoting the website this material comes from, but it’s simply the most thorough summary of Dr. Franc’s Polish-language video.]                                               c.f. >> …  Four Parasites Found >>

What about test swabs?  Analysis of PCR test swabs PDF >>   See also here >>

Spain admits SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated >>  (which means that there is no way they can be testing for it)

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mRNA Gene Therapy (“vaccinations”) that make your body produce spike proteins CAUSE disease… Study 8/20 >>Study 8/21 >>    [Spike proteins are pathogens!]

Stew Peters ShowGraphene Oxide Poison in jab!! (polyethylene glycol functionalized graphene) WATCH and pay attention to the particle charge comments – injected neutral, but can be positively charged via EMF and very destructive! >>     Outline of Video >>   —  also, Video of Lab Proof >>   Orwell City >>   animated gif of a positive charge added to a petri dish of graphene >>

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