I came across David Crowe’s work and website (theinfectiousmyth.com) in mid/late March of 2020.  After listening to an interview and hearing how Mr. Crowe asked excellent questions and, importantly, handled no reasonable answers to them from his guest, I wrote him concerning the Diamond Princess cruise ship and “the virus.”

I truly was taken aback that he answered and had obviously done some research before writing back.

It was only a few e-mails over six days.  I had intended to write a quick follow-up in the summer, but didn’t manage to do it.  Today, while doing some research about mRNA vaccines, I discovered to my great shock, that Mr. Crowe had died of cancer on 12 July after being diagnosed in June.  He was 63.

I found myself grieving and the only interaction was a few e-mails over six days.

May we all be the kind of person who gives value and kindness to all… that even a momentary connection will cause a lifetime’s effect.