It is remarkable the sin of man.

How easy it really is, because of sin, to seduce the heart to rebellion.  Millions upon millions succumbing wholesale to it’s lies, fraud, and deep pain with a willingness and eagerness that is truly shocking.

It matters not any more whether freedom and liberty are taken away by those who used to be called “civil servants.”  But the mass of people will gladly lay down before them and suck the toes of their tacit overlords.

It is remarkable the sin of man.

The most difficult part for me is knowing there is nothing to be done about it at scale… that the geometric progression of evil and stupid and sin only grows and spreads… the time for any mediation of effects is over and never to be… the wrath of God Almighty is coming upon men and the earth… the pinnacle of their black idolatry will be theirs to behold… grace and mercy will be gone, completely, among men… but until that soon and coming day locally… one-on-one… each “starfish” may be willing to be thrown into the Living Water and overcome the wrath fast approaching through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

It is remarkable the sin of man… but the Lord Jesus Christ is eternally greater and has overcome it at The Cross.

May He grant His Church strength to endure in the days allotted before His Coming for us… His Bride.