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To Serve Man…

I’m serious about not wanting to talk about the conditions of this CV19 event anymore. I don’t want to read or

09 Apr

The “Zoom” Meet…

I was present during a pastoral “Zoom” meeting yesterday. You know, no one can actually meet, we’re told, so they held

08 Apr
real foot prints huh


Is there ever a reason to fake something that is real? If the Corona Event is a real biologically dangerous thing, then why

06 Apr

To The Pain…

In decision-making, it’s best to break things into pieces. Pieces are best made by asking questions. In a state of

06 Apr

Pondering 2 …

As I have pondered, the word, “scale,” keeps coming to mind. Things as they have been are too big… too

04 Apr


I have been seriously pondering. The Corona Event (CE) unfolds before us all, effecting us all. We are seeing government

03 Apr
Polynesian dancers greet the officers and crew of the US Navy (USN) Amphibious Command Ship USS BLUE RIDGE (LCC 19) to the tropical island of Saipan. The BLUE RIDGE is on a four-day port visit coinciding with local Veteran's Day ceremonies. The BLUE RIDGE is the Seventh Fleet command and control ship, forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan.

You Gotta Ask…

UPDATE: On 2 April, the U.S. Navy relieved Captain Brett Crozier of command of CVN71.  Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly,

03 Apr