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Here we go… On 24 June, Wednesday, the tyrant-wannabe, fear-porn governor of New York, declared residents of nine

25 Jun
Polynesian dancers greet the officers and crew of the US Navy (USN) Amphibious Command Ship USS BLUE RIDGE (LCC 19) to the tropical island of Saipan. The BLUE RIDGE is on a four-day port visit coinciding with local Veteran's Day ceremonies. The BLUE RIDGE is the Seventh Fleet command and control ship, forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan.

You Gotta Ask 2…

Back in April we were talking about the Crozier/USS Roosevelt incident. On 19 June, the US Navy re-adjusted their position on

25 Jun


It is remarkable the sin of man. How easy it really is, because of sin, to seduce the heart to rebellion.  Millions upon

25 Jun