I was present during a pastoral “Zoom” meeting yesterday. You know, no one can actually meet, we’re told, so they held a “streamed” meeting. I had to download yet another “app.”

The nature of the meeting, supposedly, was to cover “how we pastors are holding up in today’s challenge.” It was advertised as something encouraging; a way to collaborate and see what and how each of those effected were doing. To be honest, I didn’t expect much, but rather hoped it would be worthwhile. Yet, hope outside of Christ is rarely realized.

Add another notch in the disappointment column.

In man’s past, when soldiers were in prison camps, they met to discuss the escape plan, the resistance plan. They didn’t laugh and joke about how cool it was that because of the camp, they were able to meet guys from other countries; or joke about how the rations were better in some way or another. They didn’t find any value whatever in their circumstance – which was meant to contain them and deny them life. The enemy was to be overcome at all costs.

I shake my head in sorrow, sigh and say man in the present day is so vulgar and poltroon.

It’s not a new revelation by any stretch. I’ve seen many instances of cowardice for years. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was e-mailed that we pastors shouldn’t be “spiritually arrogant” by keeping our church doors open to those who are seeking and needing real life answers. I wonder how many times that man’s preached on Jesus and the Apostle Paul and used “spiritually arrogant” to describe them? It’s gravely alarming.

Almost 50 minutes went by in a 55 minute meeting before these streamed pastors even mentioned God… and even then it was a punchline. Oh, and no opening prayer either.

I’m mentioning this not as yet another instance of complaint. I’m hoping with every ounce of me that Christ has purchased through His Blood by faith, that you, dear reader, will be brave and honorable and not find enjoyment in your bondage… but indeed, long for escape at even the cost of your own life.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the world’s rulers, of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

What about me? Why didn’t I add to the discussion, mention God in Christ, help them understand what was at stake?

Great question.

I have had several experiences concerning these men in the past where I did exactly that. Surprisingly, the first thing I’m always told – every time by the way – when mentioning God’s truth in any capacity is that, quote, “We’re not having a Bible study.” ???

Okay, so maybe this time would be different. Fair enough. There’s always a hope that this time will be different. But then we have the conundrum of being banal. If you keep repeating the same mistakes time and again, you’d be considered an imbecile. I’ve been bit so many times by these same men who were in this ‘live stream” that I decided to watch and add to the discussion if it was warranted. There simply was nothing to add to the ridiculous conversation, so wisely listened and observed in silence and sorrow.

I know I will have to dig the escape tunnels myself and be ready to talk with any who might truly recognize that this isn’t where they should be.  I’ve learned that talking to those enjoying their prison are more dangerous than the prison guard and the loaded weapon he holds.

That freedom always requires bravery, honor, and the desire to see the Truth and act upon that Truth. Accommodation is always the death of freedom.