I’m serious about not wanting to talk about the conditions of this CV19 event anymore.

I don’t want to read or write anymore about prognostications; pointless possibilities of “what ifs”? I want something tangible under my feet.  At least firm enough to dig my toes in so I can push off of in a particular direction. No more zero-gravity nausea.

Gather facts. Analyze the facts. Evaluate the data. Decide and Act.

The short version of the facts and analysis:

No more pretense about a nationalized economy.

It’s a fact. Trillions are not and have not been given away… there is an earth-shaking accounts payable on our ledger… “net 30” is coming up fast. Any vaguely reasonable analysis of the facts reveals that the economy as we thought we knew it is melba toast.

It’s inconclusive as to what people in society will be like personally.

There is a much more amenable trend towards submission to authority without questioning; a significantly higher tolerance to lack of personal freedom; a stronger preference towards communitarianism.

A much stronger trend towards holding contradictions without difficulty.

Example, “many more people have died from influenza on a monthly basis over the past year than are dying ‘from’ CV19 month over month, yet shutting down the economy for CV19 makes complete sense.”

So, there it is again, describing things… so what about the evaluation?

– A nationalized economy will mean that nothing will “work” like it did, say, pre-January 2020. At every level, the free market will be gone. Expect shortages of supplies (only immediately exacerbated by supply chain disruptions) and higher prices for them when available.

– True, autonomous personal freedom will be non-existent as movement will be monitored and controlled by societal authorities via either voluntary or tacitly accepted tracking means. The camel’s nose has been clearly seen under the tent already. People will be inclined towards self-enforcing the authoritarian rules more than ever before.

– Holding contradictory conclusions leads to less critical thinking and asking of questions, leading to increased submission to tyrannical authorities.

So what are the decisions and actions to be taken?

1. A localized economy must be laid out and implemented.

The authorities will want more centralization of the economy and the initial workaround to that will be not competing with the general/government-controlled economy, but beginning as a supplemental one, e.g. an economy for those out of work; those unable to participate in some way in the general economy. This localized economy will operate something on the order of a barter exchange/agora type of economy.  Simple things exchanged centered initially around expensive but utilized items and services.

2. Most people will follow the promises of “peace and safety” promoted by the authorities.

The first adopters of an agora-type economy will be folks much more independently minded, however, over time some will realize they have been lied to and want to at least experiment with personal freedom provided by the agora-type of economy.

3. Slowly, a renewed desire for Truth, Knowledge and Understanding will take root.

The establishment of the first two frameworks should allow for a resurgence of education in fundamentals, critical thinking skills and wisdom. Hopefully, perhaps, there will be time enough to build up – at least locally – informed folks who may be able to overcome the difficulties that will be increased by the government.

Every way I think about this and how to actually do something positive, comes down to the personal, local level. Essentially, it means restarting from scratch.

The system as it is cannot be repaired. There is no real mechanism for redress of grievances if the people have abrogated most/all of their rights and inalienable freedoms to the government.  It’s all about worldview.  The current worldview is, “the government’s on our side, believe them.” In fact, because America’s worldview is so pro-government, we have not functioned as a constitutional republic for many a year.  Our current system operates under the jurisdiction of Equity law – maritime law – and is fundamentally arbitrary.  It’s based upon statutes and codes (c.f. US Code, UCC, etc.), not individual rights and responsibilities.  You are operating right now under a system of privileges.  Rights are inherent (inalienable)… privileges are allowances given.  Yes, it is possible to change jurisdiction, but you have to learn how.

My main interest lies only in helping people survive with dignity and wisdom through everyday life. The serious threat is not from a micron-sized particle “infection” – just as the actual evidence reveals –  but from the horrible “solutions” provided by those with publicized and heinous programs to supplant the individual and the common good.

I only wish folks would see clearly.  Rod Serling had it nailed on the head when he wrote those famous lines in the episode entitled, “To Serve Man” …


Folks… it’s a cookbook. So let’s find a different recipe.