Is there ever a reason to fake something that is real?

If the Corona Event is a real biologically dangerous thing, then why are people documenting nothing there (testing centers and hospitals actually empty,  hospitals actually laying off staff)?  Why are the things “there” only observable in controlled media?

It’s a contradiction to say that something is real but portrayed as fake at the same time. [it’s called the Law of Non-Contradiction, by the way… A cannot equal non-A]

I watched a Few Good Men yesterday and the transfer orders are either real or fake… they can’t be both simultaneously. Truth won out, but stemming from the truth that a Code Red was ordered and, therefore, inferring no transfer orders were ever made for PFC Santiago.

But that was a court room (albeit a Hollywood one) where real questions were being asked and not softballs to keep the fakery alive.

Anyone asking hard questions out there? Ugh.