I have been seriously pondering.

The Corona Event (CE) unfolds before us all, effecting us all. We are seeing government actions and desperate consequences from those actions that very few of us would have expected. We almost remember Christmas 2019 as the “good old days” and that was only about 100 days ago.

I won’t bore you with all the disappointments and sadnesses that have occurred personally in this debacle. All of us have our own, depressing, list. But what’s dawning in us all is that even if the CE ended an hour ago, life will not be like it was those three short months ago.

There is a dull sense we all have that there is no rebuilding to the old specs.  The tinny strains of “It’s a Small World After All” is fading into the nostalgic tableaus passing by us as our little plastic log boat bumps back and forth along the fiberglass sluice to the upcoming plunge ahead… and the end of the ride.  And just like an amusement ride, there is no stopping to get out.  All we can do is grip the sides and hang on.

Yet I want to stop feeling helpless and tossed about.  I want to have something in hand to help people with – to help them not be so scared and fearful.  So I’ve been pondering.

So, what have I discovered so far?

We’ll explore that in the next post…