What’s coming?  A lot.

I haven’t written in a long while.  I’m not interested in regurgitating what’s already a meme or a talking point.  I’m interested in Reality.  The Really Real.  And I’m not naive in thinking that any body will get what’s Really Real.  I’m not even naive in thinking that any one is actually reading this… in the short future, things will be too unreal to find a new blog to read… or read anything at all.  I write as a hopeful thing, that’s all.

My whole existence has been about creating environments that train brains to find wisdom leading people to excellent outcomes.  I’m not interested in my own aggrandizement as it turns out, but in fulfilling the Will of God for my life.  I want Him to be glorified… if He chooses to do anything for me, well, thank You Lord Jesus.

The world is in a horrible state.

Build Back Better has been blindly accepted like masks and lockdowns by the masses as something good.  Yet right in front of our noses, it has been manifest as a deliberate economic ruin for every nation and a food and energy crisis on cue.  It’s been amazing to see the mass compliance and the rest do nothing.  But that’s stating the obvious… what do I mean to say about all this?

Just this… that everything we see and experience has been spoken about in the Bible… yeah, that’s right, the Bible… it does not end well for any of those who choose to ignore the Living God, folks.  Repent… turn from your treasonous ways… acknowledge your Creator and your Salvation given to you in Christ.  It’s the only way to Life… only death is coming… only death.  And death is not annihilation, but an eternal state that’s not pleasant, to put it mildly.

Believe in Jesus… He is God and died for your sins… believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that He is God, Savior and Lord of your life and you will be seized by the power of His Great Affection and know life for the first time!  No joke here… I hated God… then He seized me and I was never the same again.

He’s real and active in the world… the choice is yours… as I always say, “choose wisely.”