It’s kinda important if you want to notice trends and patterns so that the same stupid things don’t happen again.  I know there’s a hole in the sidewalk because I accidentally stubbed my toe on it once.  I  r..e..m..e..m..b..e..r  it and avoid it.  Same goes with tyranny.  It’s happened like that once and so, well, don’t DO THAT again!

Naomi Wolf has updated her 2007 book, “The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot.” In it, she expounded 10 steps to tyranny as evidenced by history.  Nine of them we have experienced and the 10th and final step is one we are living in now (see this article and weep).

Big Tech and biofascism.

As Ms. Wolf tells it – and as we know it in our gut – the window for opposing the tyranny is closing fast.

But who cares about history?

(Here’s an extra just in case you might need it)