“Every careful and sensible person acts with knowledge (perception, learning and reasoning),  But the gullible lays open their senseless behavior.”  – Proverbs 13:16

Okay… so what can be believed in the world?  If we’re talking at face value, essentially nothing.

In the old days, when people were educated in absolute Truth and classical wisdom and not relativism and agenda, folly was harder to count on.  Once pointed out, once critically assessed by folks, their folly would be overturned and things would proceed forward.  People, in the past, relied little on experts and more on their own discernment and understanding, their own thinking.  They also walked barefoot a lot more often – correlation? (smile).

As time moved on and we became more industrialized – more a cog in the wheel of commerce – we relegated more and more of our thinking to experts… specialized cogs.  The world was becoming “too complex” it was proffered and we needed these experts, so-called, to be able to get through a lifetime.  The power class loved it.  Compartmentalization is the key to rule.  The more segmented, the better the handling of the “chattel property.”  More and more experts arose.  Less and less independence continued.  It’s taken a long time to get to where we are today.  But nearly everyone is ready.  Ready for the conclusion to all the giving up on thinking for themselves.

Serfdom is making it’s comeback.

And how deliciously ironic, as the ruling class gloats, that a pandemic will usher it in when it was a pandemic that caused them to lose control to begin with.  That’s right, modern labor capitalism began after the Black Plague of the 1300’s.  Serfdom vanished and ex-serfs could now charge for their labor and – yikes! – even own property!

But that’s all coming to an end as we write today.  People are so conditioned to not think critically that anything presented to them they’ll believe it.  It’s heart-breaking to witness.  I presently feel like the prophet Jeremiah must have felt when the people kidnapped him to go to Egypt with them.  God had specifically notified everyone that anybody who went to Egypt would die there.  Jeremiah knew he’d never see his homeland again.

The country – the world – I grew up in will never look like home again.  It will be different in every way and all because folks decided to shut down their ability to think critically for themselves and act upon their thinking.

I have been amazed at how quickly people have succumbed to the false notion that there are no such things as rights in a health emergency.  I am often reminded of the Lost Document of America – the Declaration of Independence – which stipulated that we have “unalienable rights.”  And may I take just a brief moment to say that it should be pronounced “un-aleen-able” to help with the understanding of the word?  A lien is a legal term that means putting a charge on personal property to satisfy a debt.  A lien is a security interest owned by the debt holder.  Those men writing that document made it clear that there are inherent, endowed rights that no man may put a lien hold upon.  Rights by which life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may never be abridged unless abrogated by the endowed right-holder.

It’s taken awhile, but they finally got everyone to tacitly admit they have abrogated their unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Not a whimper, not even a stuttered, “wait a minute.”  The promise of peace and safety began with huge pyroclastic-like explosions in New York and was finalized by a crowned sub-micron particle everywhere.

As Darth Vader might say, “your failure is now complete.”

But on a brighter note, we have awesome streamed movie services.